Got a New Toy.

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Got a New Toy. Empty Got a New Toy.

Post by Jj-B Owner on Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:09 am

While I was laid up from the initial Partial Knee Replacement, my son brought over his HP Touch Pad.

That way I could lay there and watch NETFLEX, play games w/the girls, Read a book. Well needless to say I was addicted. (I think he did that on purpose! Because he knew that would happen!)

Well w/Keira doing so well with reading and the school has this very fun On-Line Reading program. My Laptop is being even used more then it was. But I also needed it down in my office for "my thing".....

Well my son called me yesterday and asked if I was up to going to do a little shopping. I needed to get out of the house so I said, "Yes...."

We went to Staples and he showed me so Touch Pads that he researched, knowing what I would accept and well not like.

Long story short: I bought myself a ASUS Transformer /Keyboard! cheers

Now I am allowing the Laptop to stay upstairs. That way Keira can get Ama or Mama to log-in and she can read. Her record is 4 books, but I think she could of read a whole lot more. I have my Asus down here and it is doing its job very well and it takes up a whole lot less room ... Everyone wins.

Plus I found my wife watching her "DIY" shows and using the Laptop to look up "projects" ... I'm sorta glad the knee is bumbed up. I have a feeling we would be ... well I would be very busy with some "Oh this just needs to be done NOW...." projects. Even though everything right now is working fine and looks fine. But it would still NEED to be ..... tongue
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Got a New Toy. Empty Re: Got a New Toy.

Post by mrsd1963 on Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:48 pm

Good for you Jj. Enjoy your new toy. bounce cheers

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