Who do you watch?

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Who do you watch? Empty Who do you watch?

Post by veryolfart on Wed Sep 05, 2012 5:54 pm

As someone who has followed politics for many years, I am always suprised by those who want to discuss (argue) about who said what and what does it "really" mean. Today there are three main sources for us to get a picture of the race for the White House. These are: CNN, Fox News, and CSPAN. The first two spend a great deal of time with the political "talkig heads" that love to hear themselves pontificate over the neuances of any of the speakers on the stage. I have the abiltiy to view these on a split-screen TV. The opposing views (CNN & Fox) are saddly filled with misquotes, out-of-context statements and such. While I suppose many people do not have the patience to watch CSPAN, it may be to the addiction to the trivial drivel spewed out by the roundtable politicos. The way I explained it to my students was; "You can hear it from the horse's mouth, or you can hear it from the horse's ass." That made my students laugh at first; but, as they thought about it, they became more astute at discovering what is fact or fiction.

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Who do you watch? Empty Re: Who do you watch?

Post by mrsd1963 on Thu Sep 06, 2012 3:21 pm

I don't watch as much as I read/watch on the internet, although I will be watching the debates. I can't argue politics because I don't have the ability to prove my point; I just know I'M RIGHT. Wink Shocked Laughing

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