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Post by veryolfart on Fri Sep 07, 2012 3:57 pm

I found it interesting to hear both Clinton and Obama's speeches. We had the opportunity to hear Clinton speak to the American people in "Redneck", while Obama presented himslf in the articulate urban language. Several of the talking heads noticed this also, and gave the impression that Clinton's speech was better. Now, given the two styles of oration, something seems to me to indicate that Americans are more inclined to be "Rednecks" than, shall we say, intellectually urban dwellers. Maybe it was caused by some teacher that taught Obama to talk gooder. Between Romney and Obama, I found that Obama focused on we the people, more so than Romney's nit-picking on Obama's time in the White House. He still has not presented any clear action he would take to address our current challenges. As I said once before; all hat and no cattle. As to whether we (I) am better off now than four years ago, I answer with a resounding YES! When it comes to Jobs, I was taught that employment comes in three forms: Work, Job, Career. I feel that many who have been unemployed are looking for the same type or pay level that they left. Tain't so friends, Ya gotta start over. I remember my Daddy's philosophy: "The only job you can start out on top is digging your own grave." Yup, I've cleaned toilets and swept floors just to put food on the table, so don't tell me the work out there is beneath you. It might be that many should start looking for Work before expecting that Job to come their way.

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