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Ideas for Kids and Gifts. Empty Ideas for Kids and Gifts.

Post by Jj-B Owner on Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:24 am

Yesterday, as I was awaiting some pre-surgery blood work. This sweet little girl was talking to her mommy. It was obviously a serious dialog, by the tone of the little girl. She wanted something special to give "Grammy". But she was broke. BTW - she was 4 1/2. Her mom said, "Just draw her another picture, grammy will be happy with that."

"NO! Pictures are boring!" (well said, little one!)

So I suggested, "Do you like to paint?"

"YES!" said the little girl.

"Well then go find some rocks, with your mommy or daddy that look like they would be fun to paint faces on or pictures on. Then paint the rocks and give those to your grandma." (I was corrected, "I don't call my grandma, grandma, because I cannot say, "grandma". So I call her Grammy." The look she gave me was clear I was NOT to debate this!)

But she liked the idea very much. "I could make silly faces and paint some as flowers."

Her mom gave me a great "Thank You Smile" and later asked me, "Do you have any other ideas?" For which I shared a few. I also suggested that she buy some clay pots and allow her to paint those too. Then take her to where she buys garden flowers and let the child pick some flowers to plant in them, as gifts as well.

I think this kid will be happy, for 'awhile' .....
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Ideas for Kids and Gifts. Empty Re: Ideas for Kids and Gifts.

Post by mrsd1963 on Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:31 pm

Awwwww, what a little sweety. I have a drawer full of pictures my grands gave to me and a jar of rocks on my mantle. Plus some things (a lot of things) in my china and curio cabinets that they made. They're priceless to me. You can sure tell you're a GREAT Papa. flower

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Ideas for Kids and Gifts. Empty Re: Ideas for Kids and Gifts.

Post by veryolfart on Wed Sep 12, 2012 2:35 am

In 1954 I was in the first grade. One of the projects we did was to make a plaster of Paris hand print. In 1998, when my parents moved off the farm, they had a garage sale. They told us kids to go into the house and take what ever we thought was important to us. I rummaged around in one of the upstair's bedrooms and found a shoe box in one of the closets. Inside that box was my little plaster of Paris hand print. I took it down to my folks and showed it to my Mom. She took it in her hand and held it for a few minutes. She then handed it back to me. When she did that, I think I saw a little misty look in her eye. Sometimes that smallest thing has the greatest impact on a person. I wonder now if I had done any of that with my two girls things. My wife still has her Teddy Bear from 1953. It's sitting in a little chair in our family room on top of the book case. It's the only thing she got left to remember her early years. Her parents are both gone now.

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Ideas for Kids and Gifts. Empty Re: Ideas for Kids and Gifts.

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