When Unions fade away

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When Unions fade away Empty When Unions fade away

Post by veryolfart on Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:28 pm

Much discussion is currently in the news regarding the role of organized labor and the American dream. As with nearly every aspect of a society, there is the realization that the pendulium swings from one extreme to another when talking about the relationship and responsiblities between labor and management. Currently there is a growing effort to de-unionize the labor pool in both the public and private sectors. One must recognize the early purpose of the unions in the American industrial age. Those Titians of industry that ruled over their workers without regards for health and safety, let alone providing wages that would help elevate those workers to a better opportunity to share in the American dream, fought to prevent the organizing of the labor force. Labor and Management, often seen as foes, recognized that through mutual agreements, both benefited as well as the Nation. Today, we are a part of a global economic and political system. The United States does not and can not stand by itself and dictate events. We tend to view events from a micro-perspective and as such, fail to see the broader set of events and how they shape our future. There are those that look to isolationism as a solution. They are foolish in this approach. The ability to assure against abuses from the powerful, is through an organized system that represents those that, as individuals, have no voice. Of course, if the goal is to de-unionize, then we must also be willing of forfiet our collective voice to protect us against slavery. Three rules in economics state: rule #1 You get paid what you're worth; rule #2 You get what you pay for; and rule #3 He who hold the Gold; rules. Simply put, what we end up with is cheap labor, cheap goods, and increased profit (gold) for the owners. Welcome to the return of the sweat-shop. And, don't think it can't happen here in America.

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When Unions fade away Empty Re: When Unions fade away

Post by remarKEd on Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:22 pm

Late again but, I'm in complete agreement with your thoughts. I do think that no one should be compelled to join a union however, the unions are responsible for many fringe benie's workers enjoy. I also believe that one of the goals of the GOP is to put an end to unions. The end of unions spells the end of the "middle class". I can never understand the "mind set" of trailer park republicans.

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